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Fluctuating freight rates in uncertain times

In times of corona employees work in home office (if possible), cinemas are closed and quarantine in some areas are the order of the day at the moment. When normality will return is still uncertain. Nevertheless, life goes on: The companies continue to operate as far as possible, but global supply chains have never been subjected to such a stress test as is currently being experienced by the Coronavirus COVID-19.


Freight forwarders can’t keep agreed freight rates

Due to this uncertain situation a peak season surcharge for ocean freight was introduced on March 1st. The amount of the surcharge varies depending on the carrier and applies to shipments to and from the Middle and Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the Indian subcontinent. Also other Modes of Transport such as Road and Air have fluctuate due to changing capacities.

This leads to the situation that agreed freight rates that have been put out to tender on a long-term basis can’t be adhered to by the forwarders.


Start your Spot Request with SHIPSTA and save a lot of time


If your carriers are not able to keep the agreed freight rates, it may be worthwhile to check with other carriers again and compare their rates. This is usually a time-consuming process, as many telephone calls must be made (see left side). With SHIPSTA you can start spot requests for all modes of transport digitally on one web-based platform (see right side). Instead of calling each carrier individually to ask for a price, you create a digital spot request on our platform which is automatically sent to your invited carriers. You can get easily the best possible price for your planned shipments, whether Ocean, Road or Air. Digital, transparent and efficient!



SHIPSTA was founded by Christian Wilhelm (CEO), Stefan Maratzki (CTO) and Oliver Ritzmann (CCO) as CLEAR LOGISTICS in 2015. The innovative software company is based in Luxembourg, has a digital hub logistics branch in Hamburg, and has become one of the market leaders for eLogistics applications in Germany. The specific focus is on eProcurement – electronic transport market procurement. The eProcurement platform optimises procurement and tendering processes and digitally links shipping agents with freight forwarders. SHIPSTA’s clients include global companies from sectors including food, high tech, pharma and automotive.


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