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Welcome to SHIPSTA!


SHIPSTA networked on the web: as an innovative logistics company, we developed a unique eProcurement platform in 2015 that digitally links up shippers and freight forwarders. We aim to handle tendering processes, which used to require a lot of time and money, in a manner that is as uncomplicated, flexible and cost-effective as possible. “Instead of using the advantages of modern technology, which would save time and money, tenders would sometimes involve up to 25 service providers, who would be invited to submit tenders and then undergo a lengthy assessment,” explains Christian Wilhelm, founder of SHIPSTA.

It’s high time to put an end to all this – the starting signal for SHIPSTA. The company name is made up of the English terms ship and a modern version of star – the rising star in the digital logistics market.

Three experts – one idea: SHIPSTA (formerly CLEAR LOGISTICS) shines at its management level thanks to its three-member founding team covering various specialist areas. In 2015, founder and CEO Christian Wilhelm had an idea that would revolutionise the logistics industry. His many years of professional experience, including in procurement at Kühne + Nagel, make him familiar with the industry’s problems, helping him identify considerable need for action. Why should the digitisation wave pass the logistics industry by?

He brought Stefan Maratzki and Oliver Ritzmann into the team as CTO and CCO respectively. The three of them look back on a common past with the world’s largest ocean freight forwarder, Kühne + Nagel, and who are now looking ahead to a great future with SHIPSTA. Our goal is to remedy the lack of digitisation in the logistics industry. We show that freight rates can be purchased digitally and without complication. Well-known big brand customers from the food, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and automotive sectors, among others, quickly showed a genuine interest in these developments. We are an eProcurement platform with a vision. Our vision is autonomous purchasing based on procurement- and artificial intelligence. We are already leading the way in terms of research on innovation topics.

And so a lot has happened between 2015 and 2019: our innovative software company’s team has grown to 30 employees from eight nations, and we have recently added a branch office in Hamburg to the founding location in Luxembourg. SHIPSTA has also managed to secure millions in funding from RTP Global Investments and Mangrove Capital Partners.

We look forward to a highly successful future!



SHIPSTA was founded by Christian Wilhelm (CEO), Stefan Maratzki (CTO) and Oliver Ritzmann (CCO) in 2015. The innovative software company is headquartered in Luxembourg and has a branch in the Digital Logistics Hub in Hamburg. SHIPSTA has become one of the market leaders for eProcurement solutions in Germany. The eProcurement platform optimizes freight tenders by digitalizing and automating them. SHIPSTA’s clients include global companies from sectors such as food, high tech, pharma and automotive.

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