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Calculate your transport
costs easily

Calculate your freight costs quickly and easily in advance and determine the optimal mode of transport for your transports.

Our Freight Calculator - your advantages

Fast calculation of transports

Easily search and calculate freight rates based on agreements with your logistics service providers.

Compare modes of transport

Plane or shipwise? Find your ideal combination of transport modes with only a few clicks

Internal rate requests

Internal rate requests of Sales, Operations and Compliance can quickly and easily be recalled by yourself


Invoices from logistics service providers are checked with regards to plausibility through by the link to your particular invoice program.

Calculate your transportation costs with just
a few clicks

Determine freight costs quickly and easily

Compare different routes and modes of transport to choose the best option for your transport.

Transportation cost and rate calculation

Freight Calculator
In just 3 steps:
1. Step
Select your starting point and your destination and enter your freight details.
2. Step

The freight calculator automatically calculates your transports with the help of the freight rates that are stored in your rate management.

3. Step
On the basis of your supplier agreements, you will receive the transport costs for your request. Compare different modes of transport and choose the best possible option.

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