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Supply Chain Movement

Data really is the new oil for the shipping industry

It is well known that consumers are making more sustainable choices. Deloitte found that ethical and sustainability issues remain a key driver for almost a third of consumers  a key driver for almost a third of consumers , who claim to have stopped purchasing certain brands due to related concerns. But it is also now clear that ...
Supply Chain Movement

Digitization: AEB and Shipsta combine software

AEB and Shipsta are building a joint solution for freight purchasing and freight cost management. The goal:  its cloud software for digital and automated data usage ...

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Supply Chain Movement

Freight procurement going autonomous with SHIPSTA

has launched its semi-autonomous freight procurement and optimization solution. ShipstaSCAN uniquely integrates smart market monitoring with sourcing automation, so logistics teams can effortlessly transform their freight procurement and cut transportation costs ..

Supply Chain Movement

Procurement vendors arm shippers with carbon calculation tools

Suppliers of software for logistical procurement are increasingly adapting to the order of their customers from trade and industry, reduce cargo-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Supply Chain Movement

What, exactly, does 'supply chain resilience' mean?

For as long as I can remember, supply chain workers have mainly focused on reduce operating costs.

Supply Chain Movement

Start-up in the spotlight

Shipsta therefore has one innovative digital platform, developed for the intelligent purchasing of freight, which includes both long-term freight tenders and short-term rate inquiries for transports.


Crisis causes demand on ShipstaGO.com spot marketplace to rise by 250%

SHIPSTA offers one free access for 30 days after the multimodal marketplace ShipstaGo was completed with the successful release of road freight.

Shippers are warned to prepare for a cargo tender tsunami

Shipsta recorded a 75% increase in incoming sales inquiries from the previous quarter as shippers moved on digital technologies set to cope with rising freight costs.

Digital procurement of multimodal freight volume

The eProcurement solution from the Luxembourg platform provider Shipsta addresses equally Sea freight, Air freight and the Road freight transport. The “Shipsta” platform connects shippers and carriers on one platform.

Dare to digitalize

Whether pizza, clothes or diapers - today we order almost everything online. We have long since got used to the “Amazon effect”, that is, the fact that our desired products are always and everywhere available and, ideally, are delivered today instead of tomorrow.

12 Hamburg startups that we keep an eye on

The young logistics startup Shipsta, founded by Christian Wilhelm, brokers freight orders. Early-stage investors RTP from Russia and Mangrove from the US recently invested a mid-single-digit million amount in the company.

Buy freight volume digitally

Together with the developer Stefan Maratzki, whom he knew from Kuehne & Nagel, Wilhelm therefore developed a platform that digitizes this process. 

Logistics Startup of the Month: SHIPSTA

The company offers products that provide the direct link between shippers and logistics service providers, procurement, handling which are optimizing transport capacities and reducing freight costs. 

SHIPSTA brings logistics into the digital future

I'm Christian, the founder and CEO of SHIPSTA. At SHIPSTA we want to give everyone the opportunity to buy freight rates digitally. It is important to us to always offer our customers the latest technology. 

Shipsta online marketplace opens location in Hamburg

The electronic marketplace for freight purchases, Shipsta, has opened a branch in Hamburg. The start-up from Luxembourg is now part of the Digital Hub Logistics. 

SHIPSTA opens location in Hamburg

The start-up from Luxembourg is now part of the Digital Hub Logistics. The Shipsta platform, which was co-founded by former Kuehne + Nagel manager Christian Wilhelm, brings clients and transporters together in digital form.

“Shopping in logistics can be as easy as making coffee”

“Shipsta’s focus is on digitized and smart purchasing of freight rates,” says founder Christian Wilhelm. "We want to give everyone the opportunity to buy freight rates digitally."

Platform for digital freight purchasing launched

A new eProcurement solution from Shiptsa aims to make sea freight, air freight and road freight transport fit for the digital future. The platform connects shippers and carriers on an online marketing platform and uses crowdsourcing to bundle the orders for freight volumes for companies of all sizes.

The incredible (and multimillion-dollar) boom in logistics startups

Early-stage investors RTP from Russia and Mangrove from the USA recently invested a mid-single-digit million amount in Shipsta, a company founded by Christian Wilhelm in Luxembourg that brokers freight orders.

SHIPSTA secures millions in funding

With crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence SHIPSTA for a unique digitization boost in the logistics industry: The digital procurement of freight rates has never been so easy. Well-known investors have recognized this.

Shipsta founder finds big investors

from Hamburg Luxembourg is not necessarily a seafaring nation. But when Christian Wilhelm left the local holding company of the logistics company Kuehne + Nagel four years ago, the Trier native did not want to change location.

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