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Smart Procurement Powered by Real-Time Data

Turbocharge your procurement performance with ShipstaSCAN and empower your procurement teams to work smarter.

Instantly identify lanes that offer potential savings

Which lanes are you paying above market the market rate for? Do you know?

ShipstaSCAN identifies the lanes you’re paying too much for – and even tells you how much you could save! This enables you to focus on tendering the lanes that have the biggest impact on your strategy, so you spend your time in the most optimal way.

SHIPSTA eProcurement
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Tender lanes in a
fully autonomous mode

Running more tender events doesn’t mean more admin for your team. Once our real-time market intelligence has identified which lanes you can save on, you can tender them in just a few clicks.

95% of the retender is automated by the ShipstaSCAN virtual assistant with predefined requirements – so you can reduce your freight spend without incurring additional work.

Let SHIPSTA scan the market for you

No other tool will provide you with breakthrough visibility on market prices like ShipstaSCAN. Our market intelligence is powered by over 280 million data points, giving you up-to-the-minute data at lane-by-lane level.

ShipstaSCAN real-time market monitoring seamlessly bridges the gap between your existing rates – so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.

SHIPSTA Dashboard eProcurement
ShipstaSCAN is used by ocean freight buying professionals for benchmarking, budget creation and forecasting.

Turbocharge your procurement performance with ShipstaSCAN and empower your procurement teams to work smarter.

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Reduce tendering time by 80%

Get the best quotes for your cargo

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Rate Management

Manage your freight rates with agility in our cloud-based rate management system.

Spot Tendering

Make spot freight tendering fast and easy on our all-in-one intelligent procurement platform.

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