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BUSINESS solution

Digitize your
transportation procurement

Create transport tenders within a few minutes, receive meaningful analyzes and intuitive access to the spot market. These are just some functions of our platform, which will lead your freight procurement into the digital future.

Our Business Solution - your advantages

Our Business Solution offers medium-sized companies a quick entry into digital logistics procurement. It is based on predefined rate sheets according to proven industry standards and can directly be used - without any complex implementation.

Manage your transport rates digitally and optimize your tenders for the contract and spot area. Take advantage of numerous functions such as practical analysis functions, meaningful reports and many more.

Start immediately

Start your digital freight tender right away - without complex implementation

Spot and contract

Carry out your short- and long-term logistics procurement on one central platform

All modes of transport

Manage the procurement of your logistics for all modes of transport centrally in one place

Carry out your transport tender quickly
and efficiently

Intuitive set-up of a new RfQ

Simplify your transport procurement and create a new tender within a few clicks only. All selected carriers will automatically be invited via the platform and you will receive the best possible market price with all required information.

Evaluate complex scenarios with the help of smart combinatorics after tendering.

The most innovative eProcurement platform offers you these benefits

Meaningful reports

You get full visibility of your logistics and can make strategical decisions based on your data


Communication and processes work automatedly and thus lead to enormous time savings

User / role management

The assignment of different roles and rights simplifies the collaboration with your colleagues

Multilingual support

Our software is available in all common languages ​​and can therefore be used internationally

Supplier pool

Invite your trusted forwarding agents and find new ones - all in one place

Smart combinatorics

Real-world data and algorithms help you to find the perfect balance between price, availability and other factors