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We revolutionize freight rate procurement

We are experts for smart freight rate procurement

Our mission

We revolutionize freight rate procurement by using the latest technologies and thus can constantly offer the best solution currently on the market to our customers.

Our vision

We automate freight rate procurement with the help of an autonomuously working procurement manager based on an artificial intelligence

The way to automated logistics procurement

The branch of logistics belongs to one of the largest ecosystems, connecting the global trade to one gigantic network. Nevertheless, we continue talking via phone and using Excel rate sheets. This is a time-consuming and highly manually driven process, which needs a lot of energy, and which, in turns, could be used more efficiently.

The new technologies in logistics exactly provide the possibilities that we already know from other areas and that could be easily transferred to the transport industry. SHIPSTA set a new benchmark with its smart solutions for the digital freight procurement and thus leads the whole field of logistics into the digital future.

Who we are

The ideal combination of strategic entrepreneurs, experienced experts, young talents, skilled techies and smart Sales geniuses - united in one team.

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