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Spot Tendering

Short-term freight allocation

With digital spot tendering, you reduce your daily workload in the short-term freight allocation and can optimize your logistics costs. Find the ideal carrier with the best conditions for your ad hoc transports by quickly comparing offers.

Respond to COVID-19 with the right tools

Due to the market volatility in times of COVID-XNUMX, no one can give a long-term outlook on the economic situation and make predictions about the development of market prices and product demand.

Many shippers respond to the resulting price increases by combining short and long termrate agreements.

Part of the freight is planned with long-term contracts, while the other part can be flexibly allocated in order to be able to react to market and capacity fluctuations.

We enable you to place short-term spot requests as well as long-term freight tenders on one single digital platform. Our platform enables you to place short-term spot requests as well as long-term freight tendering.

Lack of transparency

Which freight forwarder offers which conditions? No overview of free capacities and market prices, as these have to be compared manually

Missing agreements

Hardly any long-term rate agreements for new or rarely used routes; long-term agreements cannot be held up due to force majeure (e.g. weather, pandemics)

Time consuming processes

Manual communication between shipper and forwarder is complex and time-consuming, as different forwarders have to each be contacted by phone or email

Our web-based solution

Make your short-term freight allocation as efficient as possible with digitally driven spot tenders.

SHIPSTA spot tendering
React now and optimize your freight allocation

With our web-based solution, you receive visibility and comparability of the rate offers from your service provider. Get the up-to-date market prices quickly and easily without any complex communication.

Your benefits

Maintain transparency

Get full visibility of progress and status of your ad hoc transports and suppliers

Obtain offers efficiently

Fast implementation of spot tenders - regardless of the number of suppliers

Reduce logistic costs

A clear evaluation of all rate offers simplify the selection of the best conditions

Your personal web demo

Learn more about our platform! Without any obligation, our product experts will show you our software and identify benefits for your company - all within 30 minutes.

Insights into all product functions

Tailored to your focus

Individual advice for you and your team

More features for you


Invitations and feedback to the suppliers are made automatically based on the offers received


View your own rate development regarding spot orders and get entire control about your rates

Consistent formatting

The standardized and structured format of the offers enables a quick comparison

Supplier pool

Invite your proven and well-known service providers or find new ones in our supplier pool

Sanity checks

Automatic plausibility check of offers from service providers for format errors

Spot or contract

Is it worthwhile to advertise a lane for the long term? Make data-based decisions

"No matter if you request
one or one hundred suppliers,
you have the same effort. "

This is how digital spot tendering works