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Tender Management

Designed for the success of carriers: Reap all the benefits of digital processes quickly and easily. Subscribe now for early access to our free Tender Management

Your benefits of digital tender management

Yes or no?

Should I take part in the tender? Is this tender worth the effort? Which RfQs have the greatest chance of success?

All RfQs managed online

Digitise your tender activities and price requests with a central solution. Respond to complex rate requests with a few clicks. Start immediately and free of charge without any installation.

Get full visibility

Get complete transparency of processes, order status and performance, so you can drive value for your business.

Get full visibility of your tendering activities and turbo-charge productivity

Make data-based decisions

With just a few clicks, you can automatically populate rate card requests - incorporating complex rate structures and surcharges.

Get rich context on each customer enquiry so you can focus on the tenders most likely to convert to sales. "

The challenges of Tender Management

We know that for you as a Carrier it's difficult to be a strategic partner for your clients. You need to respond to tenders quickly, but the process is complex and time consuming. You need to make quick decisions but your data is sitting dormant in spreadsheets or residing across multiple systems. And generic CRM systems lack the specific functionality you need as a carrier.

We can radically improve your processes and reduce your daily workload as well as help you work smarter with our Tender Management. Manage all your tender activities centrally and online for complete visibility of your business.

Digitize your manual processes with our intuitive web-based platform with a minimum effort.

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