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SHIPSTA is an internationally operating software company with its headquarter in Mertert, Luxembourg, in addition to its three branch offices, e.g. located in the Digital Logistics Hub in Hamburg. SHIPSTA offers the most innovative platform for logistics and we are specialized in the development of

intelligent software solutions for digital and smart purchasing of logistics. This includes both freight tenders as well as short-term rate requests for transports in the online marketplace.


Our founders

We have an excellent expert team at the head of us, all together counting up more than 80 years of experience.

Christian Wilhelm

Christian Wilhelm

Founder & CEO

 + 15 years of experience in the field of logistics, eProcurement, Supply Chain Management, Carrier Management. Former KUEHNE & NAGEL Manager

Stefan Maratzki

Stefan Maratzki

Co-Founder & CTO

+20 years of experience in IT, Software Developer, +8 years of Project Consulting. Former KUEHNE + NAGEL Senior Software Developer.

Oliver Ritzmann

Oliver Ritzmann

Co-Founder & CCO

+20 years of experience in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Project Management. Former KUEHNE + NAGEL Manager.

Jürgen Leger

Jürgen Leger

Co-Founder & Managing Director

+ 25 years of experience in the field of IT-Consultancy, Business Engineering, Agile Innovation Management as well as Strategic Company Leadership

Our success story

SHIPSTA is one of the market leaders for digital and innovative freight procurement and sets new standards in the field of logistics with its solutions.

2015 - How it all began

SHIPSTA was founded in 2015 by CW, SM and OR. The three founders got to know each other at K&N and can show an enormous industry expertise due to a longterm working experience. They quickly recognized that the wave of digitization seems to pass by a big part of the logistics industry and this was the date of birth of the logistics experts‘ mission to revolutionize logistics procurement.

2016 - Our first product iLogIC
iLogic stands for “integriertes Logistik InformationsCenter“ and this was the first marketable solution for the branch of eLogistics. iLogic was the basis for digital administration of freight rates, applicable for all transport modes as well as for the edit of freight tenderings.
2018 - The start of digital freight purchasing

In 2018, the cross-platform eProcurement suite ShipstaGO was successfully launched as a consistent further development of iLogiC. The web-based platform enables simple, efficient and flexible purchase of freight rates and quickly inspired well-known customers. SHIPSTA is now one of the market leaders for digital and innovative freight purchasing and has set new standards in logistics.

2019 - The rapid growth continues

The basis for further growth is formed by our steadily growing team with more than 35 technology and logistic experts, distributed to the four locations, in addition to the prestigious Venture Capitalist firms RTP Global Investments and Mangrove Capital Partners. RTP Global Investments and Mangrove Capital Partners stabilize the basis for further growth.

2020 - The revolution in rate requests

In summer 2020, Shipsta started out with the Spot Live online marketplace SHIPSTAGO.com to provide a procurement solution for short term based transports. SHIPSTAGO.com was not only brought to life to enable this kind of procurement, but also to give the opportunity of sharing freight rates, building up a market intelligence and establishing autonomuous procurement processes with the help of KI.