All your freight rates 

Enhance your analysis and decision-making by centrally managing your current & historical freight rates for all modes of transport & LSPs.

SHIPSTA Dashboard eProcurement

Streamline your approach with a single source of truth

Say goodbye to scattered Excel sheets and lost data throughout multiple, generic platforms. Upload & manage your freight rates in one single place and make them accessible to all relevant stakeholders as needed.

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Transform insights into action

Consolidate comprehensive rate information to build your own data lake and turn all your insights into action. Link your historical and forecast shipment data to your baseline rate card structure and dynamically reconcile prices with your internal billing system.

SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios
SHIPSTA Dashboard eProcurement

Enhance data transparency across your organization

Share freight rates and make them accessible to all relevant stakeholders according to their roles.

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Discover why Fortune 500 companies choose SHIPSTA

Take a next-generation approach to freight procurement centered around data, automation & AI.

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SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios

Freight Calculator

Calculate your freight costs quickly & easily from historical and actual rates to determine the best mode of transport.

SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios

Green Procurement

Integrate sustainability targets into your freight procurement processes.

SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios

Spot & Contract Buying

Easily analyze LSP quotes and choose from the best recommended options based on your criteria.