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Maximise Efficiency
when Managing
Your Freight Rates

Get total visibility into your global supply chain on SHIPSTA’s cloud-based rate management system, no matter how much transport data and how many freight contracts you’re managing worldwide.

Everything teams need, all in one place

Your entire team can immediately access current freight rates from anywhere in the world, supporting seamless team collaboration and ensuring efficient workflows. Assign specific permissions to each of your team members and see who has made changes, so you’re always in control of your rate sheets.

SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios
SHIPSTA Dashboard eProcurement
Get powerful and strategic insights about your rates

Our data-driven technology gives you full control of your rates.

Historical and forecast data is linked to the rate management system to provide insights into rate data and optimise tender processes, enabling you to make faster, data-driven decision.

Power your strategy with real-time market intelligence

Our Rate Management is powered by real-time market intelligence.

Use market intelligence to see at a glance which lanes you’re being overcharged for – and then automatically launch a new tender for that lane with just one click.

SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios
Simplify your rate management with intelligent automations

SHIPSTA is redefining the management of freight rates by linking data-driven technologies and logistics expertise.

Automated rate card creation

Automated processes help you create your rate sheet structure

End-to-end process

Newly tendered freight rates are automatically integrated into the rate management

Integrated benchmarking

Compare your rates with the market and identify potential savings on your lanes

Revision control

Documentation of changes gives you an overview of your workflows

Connect with shipment data

Your shipment data is automatically linked to existing freight rates

Upload rates easily

Upload your rates to the cloud-based rate management via Excel or TMS

Discover more features

Freight Calculator

 Calculate your freight costs quickly and easily in advance and determine the best mode of transport.

Freight Tendering

Create RfQs in less than six minutes on our global sourcing and procurement platform.

Spot Tendering

Make spot freight tendering fast and easy on our all-in-one intelligent procurement platform.