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Boost Your Efficiency and Agility in Freight Procurement

SHIPSTA’s digital sourcing and procurement platform automates your freight tenders and reduces workload – so you have more time to focus on your strategy.

Create your RfQ in less than 6 minutes

SHIPSTA automates 90% of your tendering process to dramatically reduce the time you spend sourcing freight. This allows you to react faster to market fluctuations and focus on your tactical buying strategy.

Using these time-saving features allows you to do regular tactical tenders and mini-bids which help you land better freight rates.

SHIPSTA eProcurement
SHIPSTA RfQ Scenarios
Go beyond simplistic carrier award decision-making

Compare complex carrier quotes with confidence: Instantly uncover your best option with our automated scenario builder and smart combinatorics.

Incumbent, best price or based on specific requirements – our platform tells you which carrier strategy is best for your business.

Get full visibility about your tenders

Empower your business to make data-driven decision about your freight spend. Analyse your RfQs visually on our data dashboard to get total transparency into your freight costs based on your specific KPIs.

SHIPSTA Dashboard eProcurement
Efficency and speed for your RfQs and sourcing events

SHIPSTA helps you save time and become more strategic with automated RFQs. Further features help you to make optimal decisions for your sea, road and air freight:

Automatic RfQ creation

Based on market intelligence or existing tenders

Automated notifications

Invitations and reminders are sent automatically

Intelligent workflows

Help you optimizing your carrier decisions

Sanity Checks

Data validation ensure error free rate sheet

Experienced support team

Helps you to RfQ success

Standardised templates

Previously set-up templates ensure a consistent layout

Analysis & dashboard

Real-time monitoring, reporting and controlling

Document management

Easily access and share RfQ documents and contracts

Discover more features

Freight Calculator

Calculate your freight costs quickly and easily in advance and determine the best mode of transport.

Rate Management

Manage your freight rates with agility in our cloud-based rate management system.

Spot Tendering

Make spot freight tendering fast and easy on our all-in-one intelligent procurement platform.

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