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The All-in-One e-logistics Solution


Freight Procurement powered by Data,

Automation, and AI


We are the eProcurement platform built by shipping experts for shippers.




Expert-Driven Results

How we help shippers overcome today’s market challenges

Tender Management

6 minutes to launch a tender 

Our clients benefit from faster tendering speed and reduced manual work, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Rate Management

10x efficiency with automation

Teams can drastically reduce workload with our cloud-based and fully-integrated rate management solution.

Cost Reduction

40% savings on inefficient lanes

Our clients can identify the lanes that they can save money on and switch to more effective routes.

Shipping Expertise

We understand the challenges your freight procurement team are facing

Capacity Shortages

Securing capacity has never been tougher! Shortages have struck every mode of transportation, making it near impossible to build a smooth-running supply chain.

Reacting quickly to disruptions is key to ensuring your transports arrive on time and in full.

Lack of Visibility

Our industry is suffering from a crisis of transparency. It’s difficult to manage thousands of data points today’s complex supply chains produce.

If your data is siloed and inaccessible, building a data-driven and effective strategy becomes impossible.

High Freight Rates

Global freight rates have been rapidly increasing. Annual contracts are 25-50% higher in 2022 than they were in 2020.

To offset rising costs, your procurement strategy needs to be 100% efficient and powered by real-time market data.

Explore our wide range of solutions

Freight Calculator

Calculate your freight costs, audit invoices and determine the best mode of transport.

SHIPSTA Spot Tendering

Freight Tendering

Create RfQs in less than 6 minutes on our global sourcing and procurement platform.

Spot Tendering

Find the best carriers for your ad-hoc transport in minutes to stay ahead of disruptions.


 Smart benchmarking with market data and real-time forecasting to ensure the best decisions.

React to market disruptions effortlessly with agile logistics.

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Take a next-generation approach to freight procurement centered around data, automation & AI.