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At SHIPSTA, we know the logistics challenges faced by many shipping industries. Our flexible platform adapts to the specific needs of your business to bring better results to your procurement team.

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Short development cycles, high quality requirements (just-in-time or just-in-sequence) in the supply chain, or continuous monitoring of critical suppliers- these are just some of the challenges the automotive industry has to face on a daily basis.

Our smart solution makes it easier for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to streamline their logistics processes to maintain competitiveness.

Pharma and Biotech

Temperature controlled logistics requires some of the highest standards in the industry. Reliable and qualified suppliers are key to ensuring that your shipments arrive in compliance with the required conditions.

Therefore, it is even more important to ensure smooth management of your freight procurement across all modes of transport. We help you to keep full visibility of your supply chain and access the most efficient and reliable routes.


The procurement of chemicals places special demands on the logistics processes, which are subject to the highest safety regulations. Logistics costs, on-time delivery and product availability are decisive factors that contribute to the success of a chemical company.

As an experienced partner in hazardous materials and bulk deliveries, we support you in the efficient implementation of your freight tenders.


The biggest challenge in the construction industry is material flow planning. There are often construction-related waiting times caused by the drying and curing process of building materials. The weather also plays a role in this process. Storage space on a construction site is often limited. Materials must therefore be delivered at the right time and then processed directly.

The peculiarities of transportation arise mainly from the diversity of goods and the difficulty of accurately separating bulk materials.


Many raw materials used as energy suppliers are classified as dangerous goods according to ADR/GGVS and are therefore subject to strict safety regulations of international standards. Compliance requires trained personnel with a high sense of responsibility.

SHIPSTA connects you exclusively with logistics service providers whose personnel is always up to date through regular inspections and training.

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