Smart Management of Freight Rates

Digitally manage your freight rates with our free rate management software. Help your procurement and logistics teams work smarter and start your journey to procurement automation with SHIPSTA.

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Start your digital sourcing and procurement journey for free

The SHIPSTA free starter package is the ideal introduction to the world of eProcurement – risk free. Say goodbye to outdated and inefficient rate management and say hello to your team’s digital future.

Get global visibility over your freight rates

Get total visibility over your freight rates on SHIPSTA’s cloud-based rate management system, no matter how much shipping data you’re managing worldwide. Complex global rate structures are easy to understand and manage on the intelligent platform – so you’re always in control of your sourcing and procurement strategy.

SHIPSTA eProcurement

Why procurement teams use SHIPSTA’s free starter package

Reduce time and complexity in managing freight rates with smart automations and great usability.

Free of charge

The only free rate management on the market: Implementation is fast and easy and you can use it for an unlimited time.

Work smarter

Improve the productivity and efficiency of global freight rate management with SHIPSTA.

All modes of transport

Manage freight rates for all modes centrally in one place to unlock significant value.

Need more than the basics? Our advanced plans are the right fit for you:

Solution for SMEs

Digitize your entire procurement and purchasing strategy on our data-driven platform.

For Enterprises

Tailored to your specific business needs. Manage all your RfQs, rates and carriers all on one interconnected platform.

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